Alone, Who Are You?

Who are you?
As you leave your mind 
For sacred company
What comes over
A holy soul
Who yearns for love divine
And inner sunshine
What is space
What is between
The recognition of grace
And the mind dancing the dream?
Behold the light
That magnifies your core
And burns a imminent recognition
Of truth…now
Love is all…breathe peace
As your chest rises and falls
The breath of God
Alone …remember
As the day tries to
Steal the sacred away
Remember what you see
With your eyes demand
The inner vision
Of the mystical…
The mind opens
To release the heart to feeling
To freedom
To the eternal radiance
Of the Christ Magdalen code
Alone retrieve yourself
Among the gods of grace
Gather to your sun
Lifetimes of strength in the pain
Carry on with soul armor
And become whole now
Become love
To give forth
From that which is eternally
Beauty full and perfect within 
Trust this unfolding
And grasp not your future
Yet walk ye as a faithful servant
From the place of your central sun
Casting rays of diamond grace
Alone ….remember to remember
Your essence beyond the name
Or the breath of sound
In union with the divine….amen


diane rose kelly 4.1.2019

Bird Songs

Bird Songs

grace the morning air

the dawn breaks

the light stream through my window

I can feel the melodic sounds

notes upon the wind

the harmonic scale of the winged ones..

I follow every sound through my being

I ride every tone

I feel it in every bone

a song I have always known

upon creations breast

every sound rising high and falling softly

not only upon my ears

but upon my beingness

my sacred essence sublime

the divine

sings through the birdsongs

and motivates a song of my own

 a stirring of notes to praise to thee

The Glory of God

to merge the air and ether

to lift the whole of life

as the essence of 

the music of the spheres

merges my soul in the oneness field of grace…


diane rose kelly




“Abandon Your Past To God”~ El Morya Khan


I have been sifted

pulled from one reality to another

from LA to Atlanta is the physical destination

my soul is employed on the inside job

my ego is being sifted like a grain of sand through

the hands of God

There is only surrender

there is only the here and now

trying to make sense of “what just happened to me”?!

yet the more I keep asking that question

the more the past has a hold of me

I surrender

I release something of my old self every day

I go kicking and screaming some days

other days I am in the flow of the moment’s revelation

I put everything into my new cd

my retirement my energy my life

to come out on the other side of a leap of faith

exhausted depleted and literally fighting for  my life

hope is still alive

this day I am healed one more day into 

an elevated consciousness

life is a shimmy with no handrails

faith drives a vision

and acceptance reveals bravery

Each day I abandon parts of my past

and take the love divine with me

as ego dresses fall and divine love rebirths

the real souls stay 

and the unreal fades

and so this road we travel

we share the highs and lows

the caresses the blows

and all the awhile we are all being reborn

as in the blooming rose…

I am sifted

as only a grain of sand I AM

however in this grain of sand

my soul illuminates and ever changing landscape

of wondrous humans souls..

the universe knows my name as a sound


and your name as it is pronounced

sacred unto its reverberation

and together if we falter in the sonic chamber of life

we reach out our hand and share the lift

towards the sun of being

we share the sift

only to become refined

in the here and now..

new life awaits us all each day..

“I die daily”~ St Paul 


Diane Rose Kelly 








Wind of Valor

To Serve

the highest good of all

to gift from the core of being

a pure soul


and gifts the light of love

on and on 

The Earthen field

withstanding heartbreak

gail force winds of those elements

that are not of heavens air

I breathe..

to collect myself

to find respite

for to know what is mine

or what is the collective

merges a transmutation within in me…

A holy calling

from whence the mind has no understanding

a soul on duty without sense…

an empath

requires tools 

A prayer is all I have

a saving grace throws up a sail

torn between empathy and fierceness

where is the balance

oh divine feminine save me

I lost you somewhere between here and there

chasing a dream 

that has come 

be still the silent voice screams

for the waves crash so loud 

upon my shore

as I lay letting the sand consume my flesh

and the waters caress

this space

this place between Heaven within and Earthen elements

as my body lay 

surrendered to divine truth

and starlight wisdom

I am healing

because I am feeling

It hurts so bad

but it is clearing 

the dross from my human heart

and whatever else tagged along…

my soul carving me out

for true freedom to reign

and to quote a kindred heroin

“I’m not afraid I was born to do this”!

As the wind of valor restores my countenance

among heavens dominions and thrones….

Diane Rose Kelly 3.7.19


Quote: Jeanne d’Arc 





~Two Worlds

~Two Worlds…
Thanks for stopping by.
Life has taught me that divine love is the ultimate motivation for doing anything. To get to that, I went through some difficult times rising up into the higher heart chakra. I realized where I faltered, where wishful thinking was disguised as hope, and where, compassion is the most valuable virtue for my soul survival.
The heart-break I experienced from others was a mirror into myself. They were initiation gateway’s into the deepest divine self-love.
Because below is ongoing. I take a moment to share in personal revelation, for personal evolution.
Through humility, surrender, grace, and years as a modern-day monk, I fill the space of grace within, with prayers, meditation, silence. I revel in the emptiness, where the void consumes my flesh and merges me divine, erasing time. I become my divine essence, sublime, ONE with love, as my human mind is restored to its rightful place. A tool for the wisdom of clarity.
Time is a lie unto my new-found senses, so profound, no words could come close to describing, save, the living word essence of, grace. My saving grace, the silent space of becoming and remembering. Truth is the light of love. All is held in the Great light. ALL. Love moves the light of creation by our beliefs, yet, the light and love field is all ways there, upholding and sustaining all outplay of Co-creation here and beyond. God is love light in action, through us, through all life. We are God’s human experiment of love creations.
Emmanuel, God is with us, ALL.
Deep deep contemplation and breathing served to amplify my realization that the divine is playing through me/us in a very intimate way. I have always had this deep intuitive sense. However, the soul puts the mind-ego-personality to the test, so that new intuitive communications can be heard and acted upon. We are given what we require to know, when we require to know it, through the heart. The human mind yield to the heart wisdom in increments.
For what is faith for, if not, to engage ones own mystery? Faith is a belief in the self, as God. That is the truth. The “self” is God. Therefore, our true identity is held in God, the space of divine grace we are given to remember what the soul already knows, yet, the ego mind is playing catch up, too.
For me, there was nowhere else to go, but within. Nothing external could draw me into its seductive temporary passing fancy, no more. No person, no place, nothing. I saw through everything and everyone. Only music, children, animals, trees, nature, and a few pure souls relieved my new-found senses, only rested from on high, the original birth place of divine truth. I began to feel as a ghost would. Invisible and alone.
Asking if others if they had seen what I now see, through the view true heart sight. Thank God for the few had and who saved my heart and soul from burning at the stake of astral lies of the carnal mind.
Two World Split…
I was depressed. yet, the depression was just the right remedy for my rise in consciousness. I climbed out and up up up and up. Many years passed.
I AM still ascending. The view gets more and more interesting,
In here, where the angels sing, and Mother Mary tends to the rose garden of my soul truth. Grace. Hail Mary Full of Grace.
I realized the many ways form fools a fool and how people are manipulated by untruths.
I realized how many people distorted thier own pure essence with falsities.
Some people’s truth is a lie. They believe so much in their lies, pride freezes a wall over their heart space portal. No thing can reach these ones who suffer a great dichotomy within. They don’t know love. They only know survival and money. The voice of soul is clouded over by a persistent intellectual pride of dogma and words used to make one superior over others, the excuse to avert the heart portal. 
Isn’t it sad people do not know true love? I see love in them. 
Only love is real truth. Unless, it serves divine justice, divine truth, and divine love, the motivation and actions manipulates people out of their own power, to choose for themselves, to think for themselves, to feel for themselves.
Everywhere I turned, I began to see and feel the lies of humanity, the lies of the carnal minded fools who steal power through various forms of astral manipulations for energy, false power, and money. I began to see through to two of humanities biggest challenges to collectively overcome.
This, basically why I left the public education system and chose to become a full-time singer and author.
Humanities demise.
Money over morality.
Protocol over humanity.
Bring these two less than honorable issues to the forefront of every system….You will see the obvious truth. Greed steals true divine soul power. 
Compassion is required. “Bless them Father, for they do not know what they do”.  Many are just victims of the out dated paradigm and societal systems. They remain ignorant. It is not bliss, but a human atrocity.
Ignorance is a human atrocity because it shows how much we have to do to unify each other with opportunity’s, restoring dignity in the human condition. One example of this, being, education. True education of the whole person, mind, body, soul is vital. Not just to make money and get a job for money. Yet, to contribute to a positive co-creation story for oneself and the collective whole.
Two Worlds: one internal, one external.
When we become enlightened to divine truths, clarity infuses into the human mind, true wisdom from the soul. We must earn this wisdom, as not to use it, to manipulate others. We are initiated into higher truths. Trust must be honored. Free will choice is the beck and call for the Holy Spirit to transform your life. We must call it forth in this free will zone human experiment. Only to experience the fruit of our labors, divinely attuned in sacred prostration and ritualistic devotion.
The law of reciprocity is a beautiful homecoming. I LOVE. For now, my heart sees, allowing my soul to lead, and my mind to clarify. Amen.
Two Worlds…
We act upon our soul core talents and gifts to give from a pure space. Money will still be relevant, yet, our core is graced by our perception of God playing through us. The knowing is retrieved from the inner sense of oneness, accessed through the heart portal, within every single soul, cell, and life form.
Transparency is the little child Yeshua, The Beautiful, was speaking about…Allowing the ego mind to admit, GOD sees everything, feels everything, knows everything.
How could one think they could hide? Like the child under a blanket who thinks he or she is hidden, but her bodily form outlines the garment. Many do not even realize in this narcissistic society, the ass is hanging out in the breeze! Many human’s are the walking oxymoron’s of inner confliction, confused by  impulse, and lost to themselves.
It is atrocious to me that many in our society have been taught they are not worthy of God. That is the biggest oxymoron, because God is with us and within us. Emmanuel. Praise Yeshua.
The most intimate realationship we have is with the divine in self and divine in the other. Women know this intuitively, and that is why they have been shut down in so many ways…Many Men were, and still are afraid of the heartspace portal where all is equally unified. True love knows not gender, nor, is only relevant to a human body.
Redefining true power takes courage, to take heart. Women are up because divine feminine is up in us all.
A man or male energy in women, has defined power,  as, “power over others”? The superiority complex of the carnal mind has blocked the heart of sacred truth. The carnal minded human defends against the vulnerability of the heart portal space and therefore, creates a war within and projects it out as defense mechanism.
That is of the ego mind, not the heartspace of sacred union and real-ationship. The ONLY POWER IS LOVE, DIVINE LOVE. The belief in competition is one of the core problems we face. sometimes it is very unhealthy.
Two World’s Collide.
Healed by the bridge from heart to mind. Divine feminine and divine masculine combine, a sacred a partnership within, divine, union.
I am all for empowering men and women to their new-found identity in self. (more on that later, relating to sex and power etc)
Women up, Man up! Both genders are redefining their place of being in the two worlds.
A soul infused personality expression is one filed with the duties of virtue and valor, honor and divine love. In my silence, I discovered my best friends. GOD. ANGELS. MASTERS. All whispering in my ears an almost inaudible sound of love.
Celestial music infuses my heart songs.
When the sacred heart is open. One can hear loud and clear the virtuous promptings of divinity’s beckoning. Heart ears perceive celestial realms. This is a responsibility. To bring the light and love of the divine spheres into daily life, into everything we do with Purity, clarity, grace. Everything matters and God sees our hearts. Everyone is spiritual, no one is left behind in the love and light field. Each must choose for themselves in a current framework of awareness. Each is here on their own journey of becoming through remembering…and this, through the sacred heart portal.
Make time for this heartspace. There, is where, true love is found. There, is where, the personal freedom is to co-create, to inspire, to uplift, to make change for the highest good of all.
We walk in two worlds, my friends. One within us, internal, one without, external. These are the days to bridge the two in divine love, unity, and the essence of valor, through living a life of divine virtue.
May your countenance reveal your peace.
One boy named Issac taught me by his actions and state of beingness: simplicity is the way of the heart. There is no time when you are enjoying your self-love story, your love life. Time is of the essence of the heartspace portal, where the universe draws you out into the all of the everything. LOVE. We are all-stars, emanating divinity, awake to this or not, enjoy your current journey.
I was returned to myself over and over. Only to realize that going within was my answer. Therein, is the foundation for being of service in this world. The bravest thing we will do is turn within to face the prodigal soul opportunity. God is there awaiting our attention.
I strive to make everything a part of sacred relationship. All life is God in motion, in creation. Each encounter is a holy communion. Transient are the days and nights of our lives. What make us believable? What and who do we trust? How do our beleifs shape our co-creation?
Find your soul family and begin to be the mirror of each others humanity and divinity.
Be the sponge for goodness and grace, glory and giving. Fill yourself back up with divine grace. Stay true to your grace.
Yes, set boundaries. Yet, when true love leads, there is a requirement for divine justice in this world. All is not what it appears to be…to make change, we all must embrace our own inner truth’s for the collective outer walk of hope, faith, and unity.
Live Your Truth, be open to learn, and know, that all sentient life is God in the motions of creation.We participate with our core intentions as energy, as actions.
Together we make a third world, with unity consciousness as our core, the Oneness in divine love restored, as it is in Heaven, HERE AND NOW, Upon the Earth.
See Ya on the bridge, baby.
I’ll sing you over to the other side of your love, divine.
A transient beam, I AM
~ diane rose kelly

~These Ones and Soul Truth

….and when they do shed a light on teen depression its a ploy to sell more drugs. Gross.
Nurture the soul in self with understanding and wisdom. Therefore, drugs will be minimized. The soul laughs at drugs, yet, says, “ok, if you feel you must take drugs, then well, the body will adapt to your mind in the placebo affect”.
I believe “pharma drugs” have their place (pain management, temporary uses etc.) Natural methods are in biological-energetic harmony with our cells.
Mostly, I think “pharma drugs” are baby sitters to a complacent mind-ego, not willing to go to work on the soul and body. The mind steers our will to enter therein upon the door of the sacred heart where the soul is accessed.
Your soul purpose mission is waiting for you in love, not fear.
Many drugs are fear-based entities, designed to mold your cells with synthetic bio-electrical programming.

Fear is what causes dis-ease. Fear informs DNA and genomes.

If you are sick you cannot focus on anything but that, so it distracts from a
positive co-creation story.
When we act in fear we co-create more of the same.
When we act upon love it heals, holds, harmonizes, a healthy, holy life.
Love for life and health will drive our soul mission.

Love heals everything in our degrees of perceptual awareness.

Each chooses this in each moment.
Discernment. Clarity of focus. Direction.
Use the mind to be clear about what the truth is for you, and if that truth is a lie for the soul or a truth for the ego mind.
Ask of yourself, what is true health? Be willing to admit to yourself where you are complacent and get up and move. Get going with your change for the better. Be transparent with self. We are all see-through.
So what, now what?
Let others see you.
Praise with love at the sacred body temple.
Give truth as love, as peace, as simple acts of kindness.
Be honest with yourself.
It is time to embrace fully our spiritual being-ness. We are all spiritual beings co-creating our reality. Do not let another day go by without praising your life, only to lift it up, and go to work for God. God requires your soul to be her boots on the ground.
Change is here. Be about the business of truth and love, for unity’s sake.
Harmonize yourself to bridge it over to the other.
Self love is the first step, for, if you have no self love, you will build your life on a house of sand. Self love is your rock of faith. From there you move with the grace of humility, not the ego of gain, money, fame, and disassociation of your inner truth with your outer actions.
Be in alignment.
Let us make everything we do align with our true soul self core.
Authenticity. Transparency. See through.
That is what young people of all ages are trying to teach us.
The freedom is in love, as peace breathes us awake.
Love is our freedom,
Love is our spiritual revolution, human evolution.
There are too many lies and lairs running our planet, Gov, schools, medical over morality, protocol over humanity, and the kids suffer the most because they are fresh souls who have come to change the world. Fresh out of heaven into this world where their soul tries to makes sense of the lies they know in their gut a divine truth: unity, love, sharing, harmony, free expression.
These Ones are dictated to, as if they should fall in line with outdated paradigms and systems of belief and thoughts, from crusty, fear based adults who know no self love, just control, just the need to feel safe. They are told they are “entitled”, when they are in their soul power and will call you out on your complacency.
We won’t leave them out any longer. We will give them a voice. I will give them a voice.
We must become emotionally, spiritually, mentally, intelligent adults.  We must work to help young people of all ages, harness their soul power and direct it into the mission they came to serve on the Mother Earth Planet.
Take heed where the wisdom is among the young. Why do you think they are being targeted for drugs? It is severely altering the brain chemistry in a not-fully developed brain. Depression medication, ADHD medication is causing brain damage, dulling senses, mostly intuition, and sixth sense energy perceptions.
I have seen angels among, these ones.
You have, too! We have to rise up and meet them where they are, instead of trying to make them fit into a box, just because you lived in that box!
Young people require the discipline to focus, yes, but with understanding them as a whole person: mind, body, and soul will help us facilitate soul missions.
These ones, young people, will never fall in line. They are here to break every box around the mind to free the soul…expression, essence, a new collective co-creation story.
Inside out, people, be brave.
~Active Change Inspiration,
diane rose kelly

“awaken to your beauty, elevate your soul” ~diane rose kelly

Bridging Divinity

we can think, feel, say, and do

a gift of the senses in action

kindness is a result if an inner connection

bridging the soul satisfaction

always in communication

to the Law of One

how brave are we?

to align again with our innate divinity?

a silent soul call from within

all aspects of being

floating in space, are we

expressing our divinity

though memories are veiled

the truth in love prevails

as the eternal remembrance

the angelic expression

of the golden eyes

the illuminated one

who sees from the inside

so as to align all senses 

to the divine connection

pure in heart

free in expression

valor earned unto heaven

actions birthing light

into the world of form

a divine essence

exists within us all

as some lose their soul to this world of form

others pull us inward

to become our own prodigal soul

coming home to thy self

to free thyself

from the world external

as the puppetry ensues

the internal truth gives cues

to stay home

God First

is home base

the foundation of our

divinity in action

a holy reverence

for life

conscious freedom to choose light

and hold the candle to the shadow

bringing her home

close to the holy fire

the divine merging

the oneness

merge me divine, oh Lord

You are my sight

my light and shining armor

my mystical lover

sensualizing my choices

to align with

the holy roses of my soul

bridge thy divinity within me, oh Lord

pacify my holy lonely’s

with roses, and birdsongs

and smiling eyes

comforting words

inner whisper’s

Holy Mother Mary

sweet sway

I walk looking for you in everything I see

each day

people, nature, animals, rocks, 

the vast earthen field

within my heart sight

my love light

exhilarating my senses

your embrace has no pretenses

no defenses

merge thee divine

my body mind

your love is my freedom

in space

to co-create

I know you are everywhere

yet sometimes I’m so afraid

this  life is so strange sometimes

but I keep walking on true

holding my banner

of truth, faith, and valor

I keep looking for you 

to match my inside divine

it is all in my mind

til thy heart frees it



as you are everywhere

everywhere I AM


take my little hand

hold my divine dream sovereignty

count my blessings for me

and remind me when I am down

to look up

hold me up

stand me up

in this world where form fools a fool

my tears will fall

and cleanse the Earthen soil below my feet

another rose blooms from tears of love

you are the hope in the song

that vibrates to the oneness harmony

the codes will spiral out

the grids will be lit

no doubt

and as I move about this space and time

animate my senses divine

in the sweet calm

of a budding rose

seeking the sun

I arise to see the one

the light burns out the lines

there is where I die

only to live again

walk me all the way home

into the universe of my true soul self

so I AM free 

inside my prodigal soul




diane rose kelly





“The Field”

Just beyond the scope of touch

is a magnificent field

inside out we reach up

with the energy of how we feel

we seek

only to find

that which

brings us fulfillment

secures our peace  mind

the inspiration in time

that heals the flesh of the mind

A field of grace

where all imaginations run wild

the source of unlimited potential

draws the innocent child

to paint the sky

with every color of the soul

the backdrop is light

the fire push is love

faith without sight

reach up reach up

with your soul paintbrush

dip into the color of love

paint your portrait

inspired by the field

only to touch 

to grace

to merge

to heal

the hem of humanity

all eyes looking up


by your essence

a diamond heart core reflection 

Your true beauty co-creation

animating the sky

of all possibilities.


diane rose kelly








Christmas Day Stream/Virtues of Conscious Co-Creation

And so..

As I hear all the talk about creativity and manifestation.

One element that eludes people, in some cases, is the alignment with Source Energy Creator. This alignment is a Sacred Union with our soul to the Master Soul Light Energy Source, Father-God, Mother Creation Emanation.

Co-creation in its highest potential involves a conscious connection union with this Source, as we are all fractals of our Father-Mother Source Light Energy, souls stars of the One True Light.

Conscious co-creation is pure light sharing through the human instrument’s that become purified by the knowledge and action states, of higher virtues, and the wisdom of the laws of light and love.

For, any material thing in this free will universe can be manifested with the focus of will.

The key is the core motivation of the individual. Is your core of love or fear? Is your co-creation of love or fear? The core of us, is the the alignment force that co-creates with free energy. However, when we align our core with love divine, then, the co-creation is pure. When we align and speak words that honor our Creator, we are sharing that the Source of our being is of the one true God Energy. We create all things with God’s energy. It is all God’s energy. All we are is God’s love light energy. Align.

All things of form are made of essence, the electronic representation of our souls mission in physical manifestation. Electrons form from our intention core.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul”?

Mark 8:36

Yet, what do we love? is the question? Do we love money, success, external approval, world acknowledgement? Pleasing the minds of humans?

or do we love pleasing GOD, Source Energy Father Light, Mother Emanation?

“In the world and not of it, beloved”?

Is our work in the world for man first or for God first?

Or God in man or woman, all life on Earth?

What do we love about what we love? Break it down to its very finest thread.What do you find there?

Why do we do what we do? What is it for, if not, to honor all creation by honoring the first and foremost, the One Source Energy who created all life? This honor leads. The prostrative-motivation of the soul, breeds a walk of humility, humility breeds grace.

The Vibratory Laws of Creation are unto the Father-Mother God in Heaven. No human shall have dominion over your souls ability to choose for divine will out of divine love, unless, you let it. All souls have these truths within them. All souls are loved the same by Heaven, yet, free will paves the way of our souls mystery.

And, as I share, I pray: “May all souls return to the remembrance of divine union.” This, the place of solace for the soul comfort, calm, and peace. Amen.

Heavens gifts me the vision of itself.

Co-Creation happens in synchronicity of the inner call of what we love. So, yes, we can vibrate with materialistic success. there is nothing wrong about material abundance. Yet, without The Conscious co-creative virtues of Heaven and the source of this love and light energy, the ego will have its way with our love, and fool us and others, through the success of materialism. Materialism manipulates the consciousness of humans, as money and greed over morality prevail in a world of change, chaos, and the redirection of life priorities. Surrender and trust yourself at the same time, we will be led.

We require change from within to recognize the collective co-creative story has a core belief: fear or love? A love based consciousness is in alignment with the divine mind/heart of love, of Heaven, and fear based consciousness is in alignment of the astral plane of earth, entities of the mind field, and earth bound spirits who act upon your emotional body for greed sake.  Master the emotions, the energy in motion of your deepest core truth. LOVE IS ALL THAT IS THERE, give it a chance to come to surface. You are worthy and held.

Remain open to be ever trained by the divine virtues of Christ Consciousness, the embodiment of illuminated love light from within, the impersonal glow of grace, peace abounding light, flowing into the impersonal eternal love fields of grace. Trust now.

You will know this when you trust your hearts wisdom, you will learn to listen, and, then, when, you “know by intuitive feeling” you will not go back to the puny ego validation the small mind that works so diligently to preserve itself through intellect. The heart holds the portal initiation of all higher virtues of love and light. the mind is good for focusing and organizing will, yet, will aligned to the divine mind and sacred heart is the gift of pure co-creation. Focus with mind, settle into an integrative heart.

The mind alone cannot conceive of the wisdom of the Universe. It can only focus on that which is an active path of the hearts drive of love. The balanced forces of divine masculine and divine feminine is the force of love that births a sun in the manger of the divine sun child, the sacred chalice of our heart, Christ Consciousness is the golden energy of illumination unto higher virtues and states of awareness. LIFT AND KNOW that wisdom is already contained within us all. Love divine, bliss creation, truth in light and love.

Love Divine creates pure physical manifestations.

Again, what do you love about what you love?

Together we bring Heaven to Earth by our core intentions.

Form fools a fool. I’d like to make it clear that just because someone has materialistic success does not mean they have success with spirituality. It is about time we recognize this illusion. Lead by your own soul’s example, be reminded by others, yet, not detained in any way shape or form. be the unbound spirit that gifts life back to life with your loving kindness. From here, leave a trail of light and grace behind,yet, don’t look back,  just move with this grace, pure love, golden truth.

Actions speak, the truth reveals itself, eventually.Yet, we only know about our own secret sanctuary where we embrace honesty. No one would know, save, you and the Divine.

Transparency is that of Heaven’s way. What the world see’s is a projection of a personality, what Heaven see’s, is the core heart intention, soul contract adherence, the alignment with pure love divine, Source Energy, not just the love of the material success, yet, the love of God, the pure stream of co-creation the Saints and Mystics shared in their humility.

Consciousness of Pure Love Light Source entails the highest possible Conscious Co-Creativity. The alignment comes with sacred virtues of love, honor, prostration, humility, love, grace, surrender, accountability, divine discipline, and honor. These are the virtues of conscious co-creation. Pray Grace as you walk.

Co-Creation is not just about vibrating with the material manifestation and or the materials of physical world success. Co-creation is about God, Mother Earth Healing, and humanity’s, collective evolution, and our soul’s unique mission to inspire humanity and the collective human evolution story.

and so..

Manifestation manifest’s by the intention of our heart and souls. Further still, some things do not manifest until God says we are ready. No matter the vibration, or the work put in, to the current state of awareness. We are not aware of the whole of our soul. That is why we require each other to gift and gifted. The mystery is where we are called to walk in faith as sight unseen. Belief is where we activate our faith in action.

We are all walking on…and on.

The soul has initiations. Trial by fire. Truth is in each soul. No one can judge, yet, we can all be reminded of what is real for our soul’s truth.

Manifestation happens by a divine timing and ultimetly God’s will, and your life soul contract. The will can push and pull and plan, and prepare, as this is necessary, yet, the final answer belong’s to Heaven’s Halls of souls.

“God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. and..back again and again.

Timelines of c0-creation can move as we co-create as we go. Flow and know deeply your inner core truth of co-creation.

When we co-create with love and purity of intention, aligning our will with God and higher virtues, our co-creation is for Heaven on Earth, healing, hope, harmony, honor, holiness, health, all the h words that bridge truth. We are one in love.

Dolphin Joy~

Merry Christ Consciousness to all.

Golden Grace~diane rose kelly



The Soul Knows

The soul knows what the mind has forgotten…

What is seeing? Is it the same as believing or is it both…?

Upon the waves of current perception is previous life programming and societies collective view, family upbringing, and media emotional, mental, and spiritual manipulation.

The soul speaks, yet, are we brave enough to listen to that still urging voice calling us to pay attention? The gateway to divine truth is this voice. The world does not hear this voice of the soul, only you can. Through the intuition, the gut response, the internal guidance system, the angel at the temple door of the heart, we hear, yet, more than that we feel. If we cannot hear, we cannot feel, if we cannot feel we cannot “see” out to the world from within because the external noise is too loud, the voice of the outer maddening crowd is deafening. We allow it, because we have not chosen to go into a quiet room and commune with the voice of the soul, we barely know ourselves and, yet, cast judgment upon others and our own lives. We become robots and puppets in the string of our emotional manipulations. We become chasers of peace and sprint runners of the next emotional dopamine thrill, which has nothing to do with divine things, yet, temporary things. We have become automons of the carnal mind, needing a witness for our insanity, derived from not knowing nor remembering who we are as souls in a physical body. We have bought into the energy veil of separation from Source, the lower ego vainity manipulation plan.

The soul knows that divine truth, love, and will prevail, however, lost, the soul is found, as one divine truth at a time is raised to the surface of the mind consciousness to be integrated and felt through the sacred heart.

The soul remembers heaven, the heart, the gateway of expression, the mind clear, all roads lead to the illumination of inner peace, the stillness of a fresh snowfall and no wind. The snow is pure crystals, like the soul, a multifaceted electronic emanation from the Heart of God.