Alone, Who Are You?

Who are you?
As you leave your mind 
For sacred company
What comes over
A holy soul
Who yearns for love divine
And inner sunshine
What is space
What is between
The recognition of grace
And the mind dancing the dream?
Behold the light
That magnifies your core
And burns a imminent recognition
Of truth…now
Love is all…breathe peace
As your chest rises and falls
The breath of God
Alone …remember
As the day tries to
Steal the sacred away
Remember what you see
With your eyes demand
The inner vision
Of the mystical…
The mind opens
To release the heart to feeling
To freedom
To the eternal radiance
Of the Christ Magdalen code
Alone retrieve yourself
Among the gods of grace
Gather to your sun
Lifetimes of strength in the pain
Carry on with soul armor
And become whole now
Become love
To give forth
From that which is eternally
Beauty full and perfect within 
Trust this unfolding
And grasp not your future
Yet walk ye as a faithful servant
From the place of your central sun
Casting rays of diamond grace
Alone ….remember to remember
Your essence beyond the name
Or the breath of sound
In union with the divine….amen


diane rose kelly 4.1.2019

Bird Songs

Bird Songs

grace the morning air

the dawn breaks

the light stream through my window

I can feel the melodic sounds

notes upon the wind

the harmonic scale of the winged ones..

I follow every sound through my being

I ride every tone

I feel it in every bone

a song I have always known

upon creations breast

every sound rising high and falling softly

not only upon my ears

but upon my beingness

my sacred essence sublime

the divine

sings through the birdsongs

and motivates a song of my own

 a stirring of notes to praise to thee

The Glory of God

to merge the air and ether

to lift the whole of life

as the essence of 

the music of the spheres

merges my soul in the oneness field of grace…


diane rose kelly