Wind of Valor

To Serve

the highest good of all

to gift from the core of being

a pure soul


and gifts the light of love

on and on 

The Earthen field

withstanding heartbreak

gail force winds of those elements

that are not of heavens air

I breathe..

to collect myself

to find respite

for to know what is mine

or what is the collective

merges a transmutation within in me…

A holy calling

from whence the mind has no understanding

a soul on duty without sense…

an empath

requires tools 

A prayer is all I have

a saving grace throws up a sail

torn between empathy and fierceness

where is the balance

oh divine feminine save me

I lost you somewhere between here and there

chasing a dream 

that has come 

be still the silent voice screams

for the waves crash so loud 

upon my shore

as I lay letting the sand consume my flesh

and the waters caress

this space

this place between Heaven within and Earthen elements

as my body lay 

surrendered to divine truth

and starlight wisdom

I am healing

because I am feeling

It hurts so bad

but it is clearing 

the dross from my human heart

and whatever else tagged along…

my soul carving me out

for true freedom to reign

and to quote a kindred heroin

“I’m not afraid I was born to do this”!

As the wind of valor restores my countenance

among heavens dominions and thrones….

Diane Rose Kelly 3.7.19


Quote: Jeanne d’Arc 





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