~These Ones and Soul Truth

….and when they do shed a light on teen depression its a ploy to sell more drugs. Gross.
Nurture the soul in self with understanding and wisdom. Therefore, drugs will be minimized. The soul laughs at drugs, yet, says, “ok, if you feel you must take drugs, then well, the body will adapt to your mind in the placebo affect”.
I believe “pharma drugs” have their place (pain management, temporary uses etc.) Natural methods are in biological-energetic harmony with our cells.
Mostly, I think “pharma drugs” are baby sitters to a complacent mind-ego, not willing to go to work on the soul and body. The mind steers our will to enter therein upon the door of the sacred heart where the soul is accessed.
Your soul purpose mission is waiting for you in love, not fear.
Many drugs are fear-based entities, designed to mold your cells with synthetic bio-electrical programming.

Fear is what causes dis-ease. Fear informs DNA and genomes.

If you are sick you cannot focus on anything but that, so it distracts from a
positive co-creation story.
When we act in fear we co-create more of the same.
When we act upon love it heals, holds, harmonizes, a healthy, holy life.
Love for life and health will drive our soul mission.

Love heals everything in our degrees of perceptual awareness.

Each chooses this in each moment.
Discernment. Clarity of focus. Direction.
Use the mind to be clear about what the truth is for you, and if that truth is a lie for the soul or a truth for the ego mind.
Ask of yourself, what is true health? Be willing to admit to yourself where you are complacent and get up and move. Get going with your change for the better. Be transparent with self. We are all see-through.
So what, now what?
Let others see you.
Praise with love at the sacred body temple.
Give truth as love, as peace, as simple acts of kindness.
Be honest with yourself.
It is time to embrace fully our spiritual being-ness. We are all spiritual beings co-creating our reality. Do not let another day go by without praising your life, only to lift it up, and go to work for God. God requires your soul to be her boots on the ground.
Change is here. Be about the business of truth and love, for unity’s sake.
Harmonize yourself to bridge it over to the other.
Self love is the first step, for, if you have no self love, you will build your life on a house of sand. Self love is your rock of faith. From there you move with the grace of humility, not the ego of gain, money, fame, and disassociation of your inner truth with your outer actions.
Be in alignment.
Let us make everything we do align with our true soul self core.
Authenticity. Transparency. See through.
That is what young people of all ages are trying to teach us.
The freedom is in love, as peace breathes us awake.
Love is our freedom,
Love is our spiritual revolution, human evolution.
There are too many lies and lairs running our planet, Gov, schools, medical companies..money over morality, protocol over humanity, and the kids suffer the most because they are fresh souls who have come to change the world. Fresh out of heaven into this world where their soul tries to makes sense of the lies they know in their gut a divine truth: unity, love, sharing, harmony, free expression.
These Ones are dictated to, as if they should fall in line with outdated paradigms and systems of belief and thoughts, from crusty, fear based adults who know no self love, just control, just the need to feel safe. They are told they are “entitled”, when they are in their soul power and will call you out on your complacency.
We won’t leave them out any longer. We will give them a voice. I will give them a voice.
We must become emotionally, spiritually, mentally, intelligent adults.  We must work to help young people of all ages, harness their soul power and direct it into the mission they came to serve on the Mother Earth Planet.
Take heed where the wisdom is among the young. Why do you think they are being targeted for drugs? It is severely altering the brain chemistry in a not-fully developed brain. Depression medication, ADHD medication is causing brain damage, dulling senses, mostly intuition, and sixth sense energy perceptions.
I have seen angels among, these ones.
You have, too! We have to rise up and meet them where they are, instead of trying to make them fit into a box, just because you lived in that box!
Young people require the discipline to focus, yes, but with understanding them as a whole person: mind, body, and soul will help us facilitate soul missions.
These ones, young people, will never fall in line. They are here to break every box around the mind to free the soul…expression, essence, a new collective co-creation story.
Inside out, people, be brave.
~Active Change Inspiration,
diane rose kelly

“awaken to your beauty, elevate your soul” ~diane rose kelly

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