Bridging Divinity

we can think, feel, say, and do

a gift of the senses in action

kindness is a result if an inner connection

bridging the soul satisfaction

always in communication

to the Law of One

how brave are we?

to align again with our innate divinity?

a silent soul call from within

all aspects of being

floating in space, are we

expressing our divinity

though memories are veiled

the truth in love prevails

as the eternal remembrance

the angelic expression

of the golden eyes

the illuminated one

who sees from the inside

so as to align all senses 

to the divine connection

pure in heart

free in expression

valor earned unto heaven

actions birthing light

into the world of form

a divine essence

exists within us all

as some lose their soul to this world of form

others pull us inward

to become our own prodigal soul

coming home to thy self

to free thyself

from the world external

as the puppetry ensues

the internal truth gives cues

to stay home

God First

is home base

the foundation of our

divinity in action

a holy reverence

for life

conscious freedom to choose light

and hold the candle to the shadow

bringing her home

close to the holy fire

the divine merging

the oneness

merge me divine, oh Lord

You are my sight

my light and shining armor

my mystical lover

sensualizing my choices

to align with

the holy roses of my soul

bridge thy divinity within me, oh Lord

pacify my holy lonely’s

with roses, and birdsongs

and smiling eyes

comforting words

inner whisper’s

Holy Mother Mary

sweet sway

I walk looking for you in everything I see

each day

people, nature, animals, rocks, 

the vast earthen field

within my heart sight

my love light

exhilarating my senses

your embrace has no pretenses

no defenses

merge thee divine

my body mind

your love is my freedom

in space

to co-create

I know you are everywhere

yet sometimes I’m so afraid

this  life is so strange sometimes

but I keep walking on true

holding my banner

of truth, faith, and valor

I keep looking for you 

to match my inside divine

it is all in my mind

til thy heart frees it



as you are everywhere

everywhere I AM


take my little hand

hold my divine dream sovereignty

count my blessings for me

and remind me when I am down

to look up

hold me up

stand me up

in this world where form fools a fool

my tears will fall

and cleanse the Earthen soil below my feet

another rose blooms from tears of love

you are the hope in the song

that vibrates to the oneness harmony

the codes will spiral out

the grids will be lit

no doubt

and as I move about this space and time

animate my senses divine

in the sweet calm

of a budding rose

seeking the sun

I arise to see the one

the light burns out the lines

there is where I die

only to live again

walk me all the way home

into the universe of my true soul self

so I AM free 

inside my prodigal soul




diane rose kelly