“The Field”

Just beyond the scope of touch

is a magnificent field

inside out we reach up

with the energy of how we feel

we seek

only to find

that which

brings us fulfillment

secures our peace  mind

the inspiration in time

that heals the flesh of the mind

A field of grace

where all imaginations run wild

the source of unlimited potential

draws the innocent child

to paint the sky

with every color of the soul

the backdrop is light

the fire push is love

faith without sight

reach up reach up

with your soul paintbrush

dip into the color of love

paint your portrait

inspired by the field

only to touch 

to grace

to merge

to heal

the hem of humanity

all eyes looking up


by your essence

a diamond heart core reflection 

Your true beauty co-creation

animating the sky

of all possibilities.


diane rose kelly