Christmas Day Stream/Virtues of Conscious Co-Creation

And so..

As I hear all the talk about creativity and manifestation.

One element that eludes people, in some cases, is the alignment with Source Energy Creator. This alignment is a Sacred Union with our soul to the Master Soul Light Energy Source, Father-God, Mother Creation Emanation.

Co-creation in its highest potential involves a conscious connection union with this Source, as we are all fractals of our Father-Mother Source Light Energy, souls stars of the One True Light.

Conscious co-creation is pure light sharing through the human instrument’s that become purified by the knowledge and action states, of higher virtues, and the wisdom of the laws of light and love.

For, any material thing in this free will universe can be manifested with the focus of will.

The key is the core motivation of the individual. Is your core of love or fear? Is your co-creation of love or fear? The core of us, is the the alignment force that co-creates with free energy. However, when we align our core with love divine, then, the co-creation is pure. When we align and speak words that honor our Creator, we are sharing that the Source of our being is of the one true God Energy. We create all things with God’s energy. It is all God’s energy. All we are is God’s love light energy. Align.

All things of form are made of essence, the electronic representation of our souls mission in physical manifestation. Electrons form from our intention core.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul”?

Mark 8:36

Yet, what do we love? is the question? Do we love money, success, external approval, world acknowledgement? Pleasing the minds of humans?

or do we love pleasing GOD, Source Energy Father Light, Mother Emanation?

“In the world and not of it, beloved”?

Is our work in the world for man first or for God first?

Or God in man or woman, all life on Earth?

What do we love about what we love? Break it down to its very finest thread.What do you find there?

Why do we do what we do? What is it for, if not, to honor all creation by honoring the first and foremost, the One Source Energy who created all life? This honor leads. The prostrative-motivation of the soul, breeds a walk of humility, humility breeds grace.

The Vibratory Laws of Creation are unto the Father-Mother God in Heaven. No human shall have dominion over your souls ability to choose for divine will out of divine love, unless, you let it. All souls have these truths within them. All souls are loved the same by Heaven, yet, free will paves the way of our souls mystery.

And, as I share, I pray: “May all souls return to the remembrance of divine union.” This, the place of solace for the soul comfort, calm, and peace. Amen.

Heavens gifts me the vision of itself.

Co-Creation happens in synchronicity of the inner call of what we love. So, yes, we can vibrate with materialistic success. there is nothing wrong about material abundance. Yet, without The Conscious co-creative virtues of Heaven and the source of this love and light energy, the ego will have its way with our love, and fool us and others, through the success of materialism. Materialism manipulates the consciousness of humans, as money and greed over morality prevail in a world of change, chaos, and the redirection of life priorities. Surrender and trust yourself at the same time, we will be led.

We require change from within to recognize the collective co-creative story has a core belief: fear or love? A love based consciousness is in alignment with the divine mind/heart of love, of Heaven, and fear based consciousness is in alignment of the astral plane of earth, entities of the mind field, and earth bound spirits who act upon your emotional body for greed sake.  Master the emotions, the energy in motion of your deepest core truth. LOVE IS ALL THAT IS THERE, give it a chance to come to surface. You are worthy and held.

Remain open to be ever trained by the divine virtues of Christ Consciousness, the embodiment of illuminated love light from within, the impersonal glow of grace, peace abounding light, flowing into the impersonal eternal love fields of grace. Trust now.

You will know this when you trust your hearts wisdom, you will learn to listen, and, then, when, you “know by intuitive feeling” you will not go back to the puny ego validation the small mind that works so diligently to preserve itself through intellect. The heart holds the portal initiation of all higher virtues of love and light. the mind is good for focusing and organizing will, yet, will aligned to the divine mind and sacred heart is the gift of pure co-creation. Focus with mind, settle into an integrative heart.

The mind alone cannot conceive of the wisdom of the Universe. It can only focus on that which is an active path of the hearts drive of love. The balanced forces of divine masculine and divine feminine is the force of love that births a sun in the manger of the divine sun child, the sacred chalice of our heart, Christ Consciousness is the golden energy of illumination unto higher virtues and states of awareness. LIFT AND KNOW that wisdom is already contained within us all. Love divine, bliss creation, truth in light and love.

Love Divine creates pure physical manifestations.

Again, what do you love about what you love?

Together we bring Heaven to Earth by our core intentions.

Form fools a fool. I’d like to make it clear that just because someone has materialistic success does not mean they have success with spirituality. It is about time we recognize this illusion. Lead by your own soul’s example, be reminded by others, yet, not detained in any way shape or form. be the unbound spirit that gifts life back to life with your loving kindness. From here, leave a trail of light and grace behind,yet, don’t look back, ┬ájust move with this grace, pure love, golden truth.

Actions speak, the truth reveals itself, eventually.Yet, we only know about our own secret sanctuary where we embrace honesty. No one would know, save, you and the Divine.

Transparency is that of Heaven’s way. What the world see’s is a projection of a personality, what Heaven see’s, is the core heart intention, soul contract adherence, the alignment with pure love divine, Source Energy, not just the love of the material success, yet, the love of God, the pure stream of co-creation the Saints and Mystics shared in their humility.

Consciousness of Pure Love Light Source entails the highest possible Conscious Co-Creativity. The alignment comes with sacred virtues of love, honor, prostration, humility, love, grace, surrender, accountability, divine discipline, and honor. These are the virtues of conscious co-creation. Pray Grace as you walk.

Co-Creation is not just about vibrating with the material manifestation and or the materials of physical world success. Co-creation is about God, Mother Earth Healing, and humanity’s, collective evolution, and our soul’s unique mission to inspire humanity and the collective human evolution story.

and so..

Manifestation manifest’s by the intention of our heart and souls. Further still, some things do not manifest until God says we are ready. No matter the vibration, or the work put in, to the current state of awareness. We are not aware of the whole of our soul. That is why we require each other to gift and gifted. The mystery is where we are called to walk in faith as sight unseen. Belief is where we activate our faith in action.

We are all walking on…and on.

The soul has initiations. Trial by fire. Truth is in each soul. No one can judge, yet, we can all be reminded of what is real for our soul’s truth.

Manifestation happens by a divine timing and ultimetly God’s will, and your life soul contract. The will can push and pull and plan, and prepare, as this is necessary, yet, the final answer belong’s to Heaven’s Halls of souls.

“God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. and..back again and again.

Timelines of c0-creation can move as we co-create as we go. Flow and know deeply your inner core truth of co-creation.

When we co-create with love and purity of intention, aligning our will with God and higher virtues, our co-creation is for Heaven on Earth, healing, hope, harmony, honor, holiness, health, all the h words that bridge truth. We are one in love.

Dolphin Joy~

Merry Christ Consciousness to all.

Golden Grace~diane rose kelly