The Soul Knows

The soul knows what the mind has forgotten…

What is seeing? Is it the same as believing or is it both…?

Upon the waves of current perception is previous life programming and societies collective view, family upbringing, and media emotional, mental, and spiritual manipulation.

The soul speaks, yet, are we brave enough to listen to that still urging voice calling us to pay attention? The gateway to divine truth is this voice. The world does not hear this voice of the soul, only you can. Through the intuition, the gut response, the internal guidance system, the angel at the temple door of the heart, we hear, yet, more than that we feel. If we cannot hear, we cannot feel, if we cannot feel we cannot “see” out to the world from within because the external noise is too loud, the voice of the outer maddening crowd is deafening. We allow it, because we have not chosen to go into a quiet room and commune with the voice of the soul, we barely know ourselves and, yet, cast judgment upon others and our own lives. We become robots and puppets in the string of our emotional manipulations. We become chasers of peace and sprint runners of the next emotional dopamine thrill, which has nothing to do with divine things, yet, temporary things. We have become automons of the carnal mind, needing a witness for our insanity, derived from not knowing nor remembering who we are as souls in a physical body. We have bought into the energy veil of separation from Source, the lower ego vainity manipulation plan.

The soul knows that divine truth, love, and will prevail, however, lost, the soul is found, as one divine truth at a time is raised to the surface of the mind consciousness to be integrated and felt through the sacred heart.

The soul remembers heaven, the heart, the gateway of expression, the mind clear, all roads lead to the illumination of inner peace, the stillness of a fresh snowfall and no wind. The snow is pure crystals, like the soul, a multifaceted electronic emanation from the Heart of God.