~Forge Ahead…

Forge ahead into unknown territory. We cannot know what the steps of the forest will be like until we our feet grace the Mother Earth and our soul light makes its way through the mind field of fear to clear the doubt. like clouds blocking the sunlight of our own awareness.. Great adventurer’s seek the thrill of a new trail and set out to become fully alive in the moment, knowing they may get lost, only to be found, among the great feats, or shall I say, feets of accomplishment. Talking about the territory of the unknown and surmising how it will be, what it is, and what will happen, is preparation for opportunity. However, until one sets foot on the path, one will never know the joy in feeling the soul in the body one risky step at time.  And.. as we risk with each step, we become more comfortable in our skin, breathing in the space of our previous overcoming’s, only to then, take another step, and another step, soon enough, trusting in the self, magnifying thy inner light, thy faith unknown to sight. One has come forth with the inner urge to shift vision, feel the result of this vision, and become free, become peace.

This freedom transcends yesterday’s perceptions forevermore, and leaves them in the box of illusion the ego creates to keep one looking and talking about the trail, yet, never stepping out on to the path to see and feel what it is really like. Movement turns fear into dust! under feet, as with each step beholding the breath of a new perception and sweet clarity. With each new view an illumination, suspends time, as the breath is in tune with each motion, joyously feeling the trail calling, persuading, drawing the soul out to it’s embrace with each step, each breath, simply in tune with nature and the pulsating rhythms of life. Atonement. Breath, Body, Soul, Nature, God. Love. Sacred Union. Communion with all that is. Here and Now. Risk.

Much traversing through the trek of the unknown heals frozen mind to open the heart and believe, risk is life, change is constant, God is alive and the light within becomes the eternal guide of the souljourn. Ever present freedom awaits the the adventurer who risks the comfort of each previous step, only to discover, each step was an important unfolding in the view of another mountain scaled, another fear over come, and another moment, breathing in divine harmony with The Great Spirit.

Selah~ diane rose

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