The Mystery of Nature~

I often reflect on my life in nature. I love to hike and feel the wind and the sun on my face. I am truly humbled by nature in that it reflects my own mystery. No one knows where the wind comes from and where it goes, yet, it blows through my soul sensually and moves on, reminding me of the nature of being fluid. The water like ways of the soul that teach me to flow and feel, grow and heal, and most of all love and reveal, my truth. This sets me free. Nature sets my spirit free to walk with The Great Mystery, The Great “Wanka Tanka”, The Great Spirit, sustaining us all.

I love trees. I do not know where I would be in life without music and trees, Yet, I often find myself retreating to the trunk of my core, praying grace, while feeling the fluid wind sway my leaves in the breeze. Life is precious, people are precious, and nature pulls us back in to what matters most, love, divine love, eternal and free.

The fluid  ways of the soul teach us to be like water, hold firm like a tree trunk, yet, be flexible in the branches and leaves. The wind sensualizes our soul in all the colors of the chakra rainbow. The feeling of being in nature brings us home to ourselves, our mystery unfolding, our sacred heart, our connection to the natural world and a humbling love that breathes us in to the center of ourselves.

I think to myself, how small am I? Not just in stature, but, here I am, one tiny grain of a spark of God. How can I make my difference in the world in the collective “Dark Night of the Soul”. My heart must stay open, my love ever giving, my truth ever honorable.

Nature reveals the immensity of creation and the clarity of focus within the beauty and landscape of Mother Earth. She gives us love, so we can be love and live the fluid sensual ways of her keeping, her secrets, her perfect grace, her great mystery, breathing in time with our momentary breath of deep connection to the, “all for one and one for all”.

The heart beat is a sacred drum, reminding us to keep it in time, in tune with our sacred heart nature, to one another, and to the fluid wind and water of our spirit’s call to engage the mystery with faith and courage.

Dance the dream in the Sacred Hoop. We are one. Nature reminds us of this divine truth.

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