~Forge Ahead…

Forge ahead into unknown territory. We cannot know what the steps of the forest will be like until we our feet grace the Mother Earth and our soul light makes its way through the mind field of fear to clear the doubt. like clouds blocking the sunlight of our own awareness.. Great adventurer’s seek the thrill of a new trail and set out to become fully alive in the moment, knowing they may get lost, only to be found, among the great feats, or shall I say, feets of accomplishment. Talking about the territory of the unknown and surmising how it will be, what it is, and what will happen, is preparation for opportunity. However, until one sets foot on the path, one will never know the joy in feeling the soul in the body one risky step at time.  And.. as we risk with each step, we become more comfortable in our skin, breathing in the space of our previous overcoming’s, only to then, take another step, and another step, soon enough, trusting in the self, magnifying thy inner light, thy faith unknown to sight. One has come forth with the inner urge to shift vision, feel the result of this vision, and become free, become peace.

This freedom transcends yesterday’s perceptions forevermore, and leaves them in the box of illusion the ego creates to keep one looking and talking about the trail, yet, never stepping out on to the path to see and feel what it is really like. Movement turns fear into dust! under feet, as with each step beholding the breath of a new perception and sweet clarity. With each new view an illumination, suspends time, as the breath is in tune with each motion, joyously feeling the trail calling, persuading, drawing the soul out to it’s embrace with each step, each breath, simply in tune with nature and the pulsating rhythms of life. Atonement. Breath, Body, Soul, Nature, God. Love. Sacred Union. Communion with all that is. Here and Now. Risk.

Much traversing through the trek of the unknown heals frozen mind to open the heart and believe, risk is life, change is constant, God is alive and the light within becomes the eternal guide of the souljourn. Ever present freedom awaits the the adventurer who risks the comfort of each previous step, only to discover, each step was an important unfolding in the view of another mountain scaled, another fear over come, and another moment, breathing in divine harmony with The Great Spirit.

Selah~ diane rose

The Mystery of Nature~

I often reflect on my life in nature. I love to hike and feel the wind and the sun on my face. I am truly humbled by nature in that it reflects my own mystery. No one knows where the wind comes from and where it goes, yet, it blows through my soul sensually and moves on, reminding me of the nature of being fluid. The water like ways of the soul that teach me to flow and feel, grow and heal, and most of all love and reveal, my truth. This sets me free. Nature sets my spirit free to walk with The Great Mystery, The Great “Wanka Tanka”, The Great Spirit, sustaining us all.

I love trees. I do not know where I would be in life without music and trees, Yet, I often find myself retreating to the trunk of my core, praying grace, while feeling the fluid wind sway my leaves in the breeze. Life is precious, people are precious, and nature pulls us back in to what matters most, love, divine love, eternal and free.

The fluid  ways of the soul teach us to be like water, hold firm like a tree trunk, yet, be flexible in the branches and leaves. The wind sensualizes our soul in all the colors of the chakra rainbow. The feeling of being in nature brings us home to ourselves, our mystery unfolding, our sacred heart, our connection to the natural world and a humbling love that breathes us in to the center of ourselves.

I think to myself, how small am I? Not just in stature, but, here I am, one tiny grain of a spark of God. How can I make my difference in the world in the collective “Dark Night of the Soul”. My heart must stay open, my love ever giving, my truth ever honorable.

Nature reveals the immensity of creation and the clarity of focus within the beauty and landscape of Mother Earth. She gives us love, so we can be love and live the fluid sensual ways of her keeping, her secrets, her perfect grace, her great mystery, breathing in time with our momentary breath of deep connection to the, “all for one and one for all”.

The heart beat is a sacred drum, reminding us to keep it in time, in tune with our sacred heart nature, to one another, and to the fluid wind and water of our spirit’s call to engage the mystery with faith and courage.

Dance the dream in the Sacred Hoop. We are one. Nature reminds us of this divine truth.

Beliefs and The Sacred Heart~Be brave… Diane Rose Kelly

What makes up a belief? How powerful are beliefs when they determine our survival? Interesting conversation with my producer Pauly about how people hold onto beliefs even when proven that those beliefs are wrong, science changing, facts distorted, history manipulated by the winners agendas. Then, what would remove ignorance if one has been given proof of an outdated belief yet, the belief is held?

I shared a thought that people would feel like, “OMG! I have lived my whole life believing this was true and I just found out what I believed is not true”. so people defend lies, the ego protects the fallacy at all costs, even til death. I said to Pauly, “what if we were taught we don’t know everything and to just flow open minded and open hearted??….ah ah lol!!

Sarcastically typing here…

I mean really?? In the grand scheme of the Universe, are we that intellectually proud and so emotionally unintelligent that we cannot realize we held our beliefs as a security blanket and refused to grow and change them? Are we that blocked from the Great mystery that we feel like everything we live for must accomodate the five senses and our comfort zone and be validated by science, for us to have an opinion? Can we truly not see collectively that the heart is trying to break open the mind? Can we not see the soul is pushing its way through the flesh of our divinity. I know that was deep, but hey! its time to dive, down people, let’s get real with our soul’s leading the way.

I mean Jesus did not consult science or the scientific method to heal. He consulted the Great Source of us all. Jesus did not ask his peers if he could be himself, express his divine nature, nor, did he exclude anyone based upon their life condition, race, status, gender, and or health issue. He taught us to have faith without sight, to love one another, and to forgive all. These are the holy elements of divine love to design the mind concepts around. These are the days of the education of the soul, so the education of human survival could have a foundation in truth, divine truth, not intellectual truth alone, which are just dead concepts without the living essence of action, the giving forth of service to self and other. Intellectual concepts needs a divine movement, a movement with the intention to serve at the highest level of honor, upholding a consequential conscience for actions expressed out in to the world of form, guided by the formless, the sixth sense intuitional force and beyond.

Some you just know what you know because it is your soul speaking to you. We do not need validation to express our innate soul essence, nor, do we need approval to express ideas no one else can prove to be true for us, but us.

Jesus taught us to be of service to the human heart. When he was asked “how do you know these things you speak of”? He said, “because I go unto my Father. I and my Father are one” And so, for us it is the same. We all have equal rights to our divinity, as Jesus does, yet, we do not believe in our divine connection, so we make it up in our heads that we are alone here, and that we create life all by ourselves through intellectual concepts, cutting off the soul from its Source, it’s Divinity, it’s innate creative soul expression, unique and free flowing, in the name of intellect and leave the heart to be judged by our own stick of fear. Meanwhile, other human perspectives live in beauty, walk in faith, and trust the moment fully and breath in peace within, they have become, the peace the the mind will never know because it is always chasing it by doing, running or planning life by the intellect and leaving the heart to feel gratified by the ego and temporary quick fixes.

In my opinion, the foundation of life is the mystery of unfolding perceptual shifts. Simply, we do not flow with new knowledge because we are cut off to our soul’s truth and do not realize the fluid nature of the essence of creation, movement, and growth, all of it being spiritual in nature.

We cannot go through the motions, we must feel our emotions, energy in motions, to understand the changing tides of divinity within us and the consequence of such a remembrance. We are given grace and pain, and knowledge and experiences all to help us create our connections to beauty and love.

To trust the flow of this nature is to trust the unknown mystery, always apparent in our life stream, where faith is known to inner sight. However, many people create the illusion of safety by holding thoughts that hold them back. We have this choice, yet, the mind comfort through intellect has become a dominant force over the heart of feeling, freedom, expression, and timelessness. A balance of the to is required. Beauty is tamed by the mind, love is boxed by the fear, and a perspective of self righteous pride and ignorance judge the nature of external expression that differs from its own. Fear or love? Many people have used knowledge to make themselves “think” they are above another. Welcome to America, a lost soul country with no honor. Pain our biggest teacher for unity consciousness. Bold statements, yet, I am truth teller. I am not posting to be liked. I am posting to open hearts, inspire, and break boxes, every one of them. The mind must come to view itslef as a soul within the fluid stream of creation, a fluid soul realizes life, loves life and does not kill for money, agenda, or the egoic pride of intellectual ideas, stagnant and poison to the collective mind field of the earth. We are one. Make change, make peace,make love.

It is time for new way of self identity. Most people think they are what they know. We are who we are as a flowing essence, the energy signature vibration of our inner most being, soul, a fluid nature that cannot be tamed, yet, we attempt tame it.

You are with me or not, however, WE are one. It doesn’t matter if you agree. We shape our world by beliefs, however influenced, stagnant, or ever changing within the human mind.

Knowledge is so very important, yet, in divine truth, meant to serve the individual life stream in terms of a life purpose, passion, and creative expression, as well as for survival. Knowledge is not there to feed your intellectual ego and create the illusion of self status, while, the heart remains closed like a caged bird. The audacity of humans to think they come close to knowing it all. Our lives and expressions are for God, us, then others. Pray.

This is the age of soul truth expression. The children of today are demonstrating human evolution right before our eyes. I see it my classroom every day, the wise soul sages of our time are growing up to break every kind of box set forth by the age of emotional repression. Human evolution happens through emotional intelligence, when we can actually feel the consequences of our choices and realize we shape our world, and affect others with our soul truth.

It truly is… time to fly, yet, many simply cannot relate to the life of the soul that has come to use knowledge for healthy creation and to serve God and others from the sacred heart of being. For some, their truth is a lie. For, there is only one truth, and that is divine truth. “Know thyself”, know the inner workings of the soul, so beliefs are ever aligned with the changing flow of the river view. Become fluid, like water in the emotional flow. We then keep the heart open and heart intelligence flowing as the mystery unfolds to the the divine mind of inspiration.

We alone are not the creators. We are co-creating with the Creator, God, Supreme Being, every second, invite her in consciously. We do nothing alone. Let us be humble to what the river flow is showing us and be not too quick to judge that view with our minds before really understanding with our hearts why we are shown a different view. Leap on faith without sight, yet, feelings that lift a spirit to beauty in every form of love divine. Go wild sometimes!

Do not let your mind stifle your heart, nor, let pure intellect cage you from a new experiences. We can always learn anew. This is our natural state of changing in the mystery, yet, being anchored in spirit, the heart of the matter, the gift of grace unfolding, and the awareness of such a precious jewel, shining in self awareness and divine synchronicity.

The illusion of the intellectual mind is that is does not have all the information for a belief to be authentically true without the heart of divine alignment. You see, a belief is ours, rightfully so, we get to make meaning yet, what is fueling a belief is either fear or love, faith or a lack thereof. Let it all ways be love. Be love.

The river will keep flowing no matter how hard we try to hold on to the river banks, humans will evolve into the balance of the heart and mind.The harder we hold and resist change, the more the soul says, “I told you so, when we do” in the moments of our humility. We alone are responsible to our own souls truth. We cannot blame anyone or anything for our own choices. We have a responsibility to make a difference in the world. Rise up in a collective shift. Be brave.


In these moments we find our honor and our honesty as our greatest inner revealings to live a life of purpose on purpose with passion and the divine flow.

What Drives you to Mastery

What drives you to mastery is a soul core truth, your will like fire, your heart full of passion to make a difference in your life and in the live of others. Compassion is the foundation of giving, a fire for change, a passion for truth, and a will to fuel the flames of your greatest gifts to humanity, it begins with self love, belief, courage, let nothing! no thing stop you! Now go! I will see you on the path. If ours should cross, and we shall smile that smile of knowing, that we are all doing the best we can! Much love, diane rose

Beautiful D